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Not everybody wants to buy a painting. You may like the look of a painting but already have too many at home. You may be unsure whether to invest money on a painting or you may want to keep mixing and matching to suit changing colour schemes.

If you are hesitant about buying why not consider renting or leasing a painting?

If, within the rental period, you decide you do like it then all you need to do is change from renting to buying at no extra charge.

How it works

You will need to leave a deposit equivalent to 20% of the purchase price, followed by 11 monthly payments equivalent to 7.3%. You may return the painting at any time and make no further payments. After 12 months you can either return the painting or keep it and make no more payments.


For a purchase price of £60, you will pay a deposit of £12 followed by 11 payments of £3.50.