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I sell only original art work. No limited edition prints or other form of print or copy. Every piece of art is a one off, no replicas or duplicates anywhere. All works are signed and dated.

My work is abstract. Some more than others. I aim to provide a wide range to suit most tastes. Ultimately though, unless you collect for profit, art is very subjective. You either like a work or you don't.

Bosham Boat.jpg

So I redeveloped my style. The image on the right uses mixed media and acrylic and is a bit less intricate.


Most of my paintings are of a size suitable for most homes. I also paint the occasional larger painting for those who like to fill a wall.

I've been painting for around 30 years, although my style has changed somewhat.

I painted the image on the left about 20 years ago. It is now in a private collection and with eyesight not being what is used to be, will never be repeated.


I believe art should be available to everyone. Some art is collectable and demands a high price and that's fine ... if you like collecting art in the hope that it will prove to be an investment.

But not everybody has that kind of money to spend. Should that mean they can't buy original artwork? I hope not. That's why my art is priced to sell. I'm lucky enough to have plenty of original art hanging on my own walls. For not much more than the cost of copies and prints and in many cases for less, you can have original art hanging in your own house.

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